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Sacred Geometry

There is a recognition of sacred geometry forms for most people... one of the amazing things that the majority of people that have had a session on the Ajna Light is that they see visuals of Sacred Geometry patterns and fractals... even if they have no previous knowledge of these shapes and patterns, they still recognise these shapes. This shows that there is an underlying connection with these universal patterns on an unconscious level.

Many have heard of the 'Golden Ratio' of Phi... the Fibonacci sequence... all of these relate directly to Sacred Geometry.

Following are a couple of the most well known and universal sacred geometric patterns that many will recognise.

The Flower of Life

The Flower of Life

Sri Yantra

Sri Yantra

In short, sacred geometry is simply another form of vibration, or "crystallized music."

Consider the following example:

First, we vibrate a guitar string. This creates "standing waves," meaning waves that do not move back and forth across the string but remain stable in one place. We will see some areas where there is an extreme of vertical movement, representing the top and bottom of the wave, and other areas where there is no vertical movement, known as nodes.

The nodes that are formed in any type of standing wave will always be spaced evenly apart from each other, and the speed of the vibration will determine how many nodes will appear. This means that the higher the vibration rises, the more nodes we will see.

In two dimensions, we can either use an oscilloscope or vibrate a flat circular "Chladni plate" and see nodes develop that will form common geometric forms such as the square, triangle and hexagon when connected together. This work has been repeated many times by Dr. Hans Jenny, Gerald Hawkins and others.

  • If the circle has three equally spaced nodes, then they can connect to form a triangle.
  • If the circle has four equally spaced nodes, it can form a square.
  • If it has five nodes, it forms a pentagon.
  • Six nodes form a hexagon, et cetera.

Though this is a very simple concept in terms of wave mechanics, Gerald Hawkins was the first to establish mathematically that such geometries inscribed within circles were indeed musical relationships. We may be surprised to realize that he was led to this discovery by analyzing various geometric crop formations that would appear overnight in the fields of the British countryside.

AUM Sounds

The deepest, most revered forms of sacred geometry are three-dimensional, and are known as the Platonic solids. There are only five formations in existence that follow all the needed rules to qualify, and these are the eight-sided octahedron, four-sided tetrahedron, six-sided cube, twelve-sided dodecahedron and twenty-sided icosahedron.

Platonic Solids

I encourage you to research a little more on Sacred Geometry and how these shapes and patterns can help you through meditation and other techniques.

Note: some of the above information is from - https://divinecosmos.com/contact-us/privacy-policy/97-the-divine-cosmos-chapter-03-sacred-geometry-in-the-quantum-realm