3rd Millenium Tech


ReLuxium is beyond anything else on the planet... and will provide individuals with consciousness expanding experiences - stimulating the mind, body & spirit in more ways than anyone could possibly imagine!

It is more than a device or a unit - it is a pod that you can enter to escape from the world, be entranced with stimulation of the minds eye, audio, vibro-acoustics, brainwave entrainment & increased coherence, long term memory bank, olfactory senses for deep memory integration and numerous significant physical healing benefits.

It incorporates a number of different 3rd Millennium Technologies & even some advanced tech from the 2nd Millennium that were so ahead of their time, that they have been carried over for use in our project. Some of this tech is based on discoveries and information from thousands of years ago – literally. This truly shows the significance and importance of this kind of information.

Shown are some rendered images of the ReLuxium pod that is currently in development. Visit www.reluxium.com to learn more about this incredible project!

There is nothing else like this on the planet... nothing that incorporates everything that we are including.

Prepare for your mind to be blown!

If you are interested in being involved or investing in this project, please contact us.

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