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Orgone Energy

Orgone is a term originally coined by Dr Wilhelm Reich in the 1930's.

He was a student of Sigmund Freud and eventually moved away from his teachings as he discovered new information and techniques that provided a much better response from his clients. This technique looked at sexual repressions - a very taboo subject in the early 1900s, so much so that Freud distanced himself from Reich in order to maintain his fame and stature - even though there was a lot of evidence to support Reichs findings.

Reich continued his research and as time progressed he discovered the existence of this 'aetheric energy' which he called 'Orgone Energy' - based on the word Orgasm, understanding that there was a release of energy upon climax through the sexual act. You can imagine the uproar that this technique brought up over 100 years ago... even though people were being relieved of physical and emotional disorders and ailments that had been debilitating their lives for many years or decades - sometimes within 1 or 2 sessions. Often, there was not even the need to discuss physical sex - most times it was just the recognition of certain events and traumas that had caused the repression of thoughts / emotions / ideas.

He discovered that the formula of function that led to an orgasm was the common formula of function for all biological processes in all living matter:

tension charge discharge relaxation

Dr. Reich isolated the particle responsible for this formula and named it "bion". He was also able to culture bions from inorganic matter and, quite accidentally, solved the riddle of biogenesis: He discovered the mechanism whereby lifeless substances transition to living matter.

He later named the energy that resulted from bionic activity "orgone". It's properties can be summarized as follows:

  • Organic substances attract and absorb orgone energy.
  • Metallic substances attract and repel or reflect orgone energy.
  • Stoppage of orgone energy by any metallic obstacle, as well as by a sensitive living organism, will result in a rise in temperature.

Reich continued his work and found that by incorporating layers of organic and inorganic materials together, it would attract 'dead' orgone energy (DOR) and the organic materials would 'clean' this energy and emit it as beneficial orgone energy that supported the body / life forces.

He produced hundreds of experiments on plants, animals and people - many have reproduced these with the same outcome, showing improved results from using 'orgone' focused energy.

In 1956 he was imprisoned on a technicality with the help of the FDA (one of his employees drove interstate with some of his books and equipment that had been deemed 'fraudulent' - without his knowledge)... and over 6 tons of his publications were burned by order of the court... the last ever public book burning in North America. This was one of the most brazen acts of censorship that is overlooked in the history books today.

He died mysteriously in prison before his release in 1957... and conveniently all of his papers and research that he had been working on in prison vanished.

His work encompassed over 40 years of research across 6 countries. Once, after demonstrating 'orgone energy' to Albert Einstein, the famous physicist exclaimed that "this would be a bombshell to physics".

Doesn't it seem interesting that the US government went to so much effort to suppress this information and knowledge?!

He developed some equipment that he used to consistently cure and help thousands of people around the world. The Orgone Accumulator was one such device... it didn't rely on any electronics or moving parts - just simple materials.

Some international doctors went as far as making statements to the effect of "If you aren't using an Orgone Accumulator for the treatment of your patients, it should be considered malpractice!"

Another device he invented was called the "CloudBuster" - this was used to create or disburse rain clouds, to either induce and increase rainfall, or clear rainclouds from forming. A device that could solve many of the worlds problems - had it not been buried by governments and those that continue to benefit from the repression and control of the global population.

Dr James DeMeo has continued Dr Reichs research and you can follow his work here: orgonelab.org

He has also written a great book called Orgone Accumulator Handbook where he gives you the exact instructions on how to build your own Orgone devices. An easy one to make is an 'Orgone Blanket'. You just need 100% pure wool blankets, and layers of Steel Wool (the finer the better - 0000 grade is best). Just make alternating layers using these 2 materials and you've made yourself a self healing blanket! Just be sure to keep it away from electronics, and every few days clean it by hanging it outside in the sun and fresh air.

I have made a number of these myself - and have distributed them to friends and family members. Some of the improvements that have been seen are: reduction in pain, increased energy levels, better sleeping (longer and undisturbed), and overall health improvements.

Over the past couple of decades there has been a bastardized product that has been popularized called Orgonite.

Orgonite is a combination of crystals (usually quartz) and metal shavings that are fused within resin. The premise behind it is, when mechanical pressure is applied to certain crystals - it creates a piezoelectric effect (the same as when a cigarette lighter sparks), and the metal shavings attract the 'DOR' and this piezoelectric effect clears and cleans the 'DOR' and emits it as 'OR' orgone energy. The 'mechanical pressure' comes from the resin hardening as it sets, and is then constantly creating a pressure against the crystal.

While orgonite can show an emission of energy that you can replicate - it is usually made of highly toxic resin that doesn't produce beneficial energy to the human body or environment. You can test the effectiveness of this through basic muscle testing (see kinesiology) or dowsing (pendulum, etc) and confirm for yourself whether it is beneficial for you or not.

Maybe you can experiment with making 'beeswax orgonite' using beeswax as a natural resin instead of the toxic epoxy resin normally used. It may not look as pretty as those that you can buy - but it won't have the negative energies being emitted, no matter how subtle they may be.

Do yourself a favour - don't 'Google' this Wilhelm Reich and read the usual reports as most of them ridicule him as being the inventor of a "sex box"... instead, buy his books (or DeMeo's), read them, then decide for yourself!

Enjoy... and you're welcome!

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