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Neuro Light

Neuroplasticity is the best new when it comes to your total brain wellness. Basically whatever the state of your brain today it can be better tomorrow! Welcome to the Neuro Light.

Contrary to long held medical theory, the Human Brain is capable of dynamic change throughout our entire lifespan. This dramatic fact opens the doors for new avenues of increasing and sustaining Brain Wellness.

The Neuro Light is a tool for Total Brain Wellness. It has three interrelated components that can be combined for potent benefits. The Neuro Light Brain Gym and Brain Skills are both housed in the golden pyramid and computer hardware component. The Neuro Light Brain Food is a separate piece of hardware that completes the trio of Gym, Skills and Food.

The Neuro Light Brain Gym focuses on the critical aspects of Neuroplastic Capacity and can be thought of "brain exercise". It is all about helping create and maintain brain “connectivity”. The Brain Skills has 80 Function Specific Brain Trainings and is the "learning" aspect of the Neuro Light.

These learning experiences are expressions of the "self-organization" ability of our brain. Lastly the Neuro Light Brain Food (as a separate compatible hardware unit) is all about “brain nutrition” and in a remarkably simple, efficient way feeds the brain its favorite food – Light! Without sustained levels of "energy" the Complex Adaptive System we call our brain cannot do all the billions of amazing things it does every second of every day.

Total Brain Wellness

Brain Gym Neuroplasticity Training

The Neuro Light is a unique device capable of positive effects in Brain Wellness related functions, based upon combination of unique hardware and software designs that work to enhance the neuroplasticity of your brain. The theory of Neuroplasticity can be summed up as:

“If you FIRE it, you WIRE it”.

The Neuro Light recognizes that every individual has their own potential for Neuroplastic change. The potential relates to age, vitality and possible pathology. The term to describe this is Neuroplastic Capacity.

One of the newest and most promising discoveries in neurology is the fact that it is possible to feed Light Energy into the brain from outside the skull via the blood capillary network just within your Nasal passages. It’s remarkably effective, non-invasive, very safe and easy to do.

Brain Food Nasal Light Stimulation

Nasal Light Stimulation is performed by shining wavelength specific light at a specified power into your Nasal passages. This technique has been used effectively and safely in various Asian countries for two decades and more.

Sufficient energy traveling through your blood actually reaches the brain tissues to create the beneficial effects.

The Neuro Light has Function Specific Brain training. These trainings are composed of many elements and Brain Entrainment is just one of them. Every Brain Training session is Function Specific. This means the session targets a particular Brain/Mind function.

Neuroplasticity Training

NEURO LIGHT has 80 Brain Training sessions – each with its own unique and important Specific Function for the Brain/Mind.

The Function Specific Brain Trainings combine two types of signal sources – LIGHT and SOUND. The LIGHT and SOUND signals are harmoniously integrated for a compound synergistic effect far beyond simple simultaneous pulsing.

Neuro Light

For easy and accurate selection, the 80 Function Specific Brain Training programs are subdivided to correspond to the same levels found in the Brain Gym (Neuroplasticity Trainings) • Foundation • Intermediate • Advanced

For further ease of selection, the Brain Training sessions are also in general ZONES:

  • Peace
  • Cognition
  • Mood
  • Dependency
  • Exploration

As an approach to Brain Wellness, consider the Neuro Light as Brain “Exercise”, “Nutrition” and “Learning”. • As Wellness, it is not designed as “treatment” or “therapy”.

  • Brain Skills (Function Specific Brain Training)
  • Brain Gym (Neuroplastic Capacity Training)
  • Brain Food (Nasal Light Stimulation)

There are three ways that Neuroplastic Capacity can increase:

  1. Synaptic Plasticity – new pathways using pre-existing neurons
  2. Neurogenesis–new neurons to serve new pathways
  3. Functional Compensatory Plasticity – new pathways are formed in areas of the brain that do not normally service these functions (especially important in aging, brain trauma and diseased brains)

Because of the Mind-Body relationship, more than just an analogy, you can use their physical body to help inform your Subjective Assessment.

It is well known that physical exercise and activities have a strong correlation to levels of Neuroplastic Capacity.

Brain Gym Neuroplasticity Training

Subjective Assessment (examples)

  • Coordination – are they mentally smooth and graceful?
  • Flexibility – do they seem open minded and fluid in thought?
  • Endurance – can they maintain a higher level of communication over time?
  • Strength – are they able to project intensity with balanced behavior?

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