3rd Millenium Tech



However the most beautiful thing is when you spend some time listening to this plant, and directing your thoughts and energy toward it... and you hear the music change based on your thoughts towards it.

This provides for such a beautiful experience... it literally engages the listener to become consciously connected to the plant... as you hear the music change as you change your thoughts, you know, you understand that this plant is connect to you!

After spending time with a plant and listening to it’s music – you will never look at plants, or hopefully anything, again in the same way!

We hope to provide people with these amazing experiences to allow them to connect with not only nature, but with everything around them on a deeper level. Realising that we ALL have the ability to affect everything around us... not just humans, but plants, animals, everything … and without even using words.

Just changing our thought patterns, projecting better emotions allows us to create a better and more harmonious world – and it is through the ‘emplant’ that you can truly gain this experience.

Once you have experienced this – you obtain the elusive ‘Paradigm Shift’ that so many people strive for!

The Discovery

This was first discovered back in 1966 by Cleve Backster, who was the leading expert in Lie Detection for the CIA. He decided he would hook up one of his house plants to a Lie Detector and see what changes would occur on the polygraph when he watered it. Not much, he found.

Then he wondered to himself; “I wonder what would happen if I lit a match and burnt a leaf?”

The instant he had this thought, the polygraph went crazy and recorded huge fluctuations and changes from the plant. He hadn’t even moved from his chair or reach for the matches in his drawer. It was just his thought towards the plant that caused this effect!

He couldn’t believe it, and recognized that plants are communicating with us, always, telepathically! From that moment on, his world changed and he began hundreds of different experiments not just on plants, but animals and humans and the typically unacknowledged abilities to cause effect by ‘telepathic’ means and intentions.

The emplant will be available for distribution from October 2019. Go to: www.emplant.co to secure yourself one of these beautiful artefacts before the demand gets crazy!