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BioGeometry was developed by Dr Ibrahim Karim in the early 1970's and he has been working within this field ever since.

I have completed all of the courses in BioGeometry and freely give out information to increase awareness of the benefits available to everyone though BioGeometry.

A Quick Explanation to BioGeometry Signatures:

Everything has a flow of energy … your heart, for example, has blood that flows in a particular pattern, through the Vena carta, atrium, ventricles and arteries. It also has a specific energetic flow.

If you know the correct pattern of the energetic flow of this organ (or any others) and you bring that particular pattern or energetic signature into your ‘Bio-Energetic field’ – then your body will start resonating with that pattern and can correct the imbalances you may have in these organs. It basically allows your body to recognise the correct blueprint for a healthy body, and will allow your body to start tuning into the right energy patterns automatically.

With using techniques learned in BioGeometry – you can find out which particular signatures you will benefit from most, and how to apply them … even remotely using an emitter.

Learning BioGeometry will open you up to learning a whole new language which will help you understand so many ‘unknowns’... it will allow you to fit many pieces of the puzzle together and give you a much better understanding of the universe in which we live.

You can also buy a number of tools which can harmonize yourself and your environment – giving your body the opportunity to obtain that beautiful state of homeostasis, where your body does what it does best … reaches and maintains a state of perfect health.

Homeostasis is the dynamic state of equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes and provides the optimal functioning of the organism

Do yourself a favour and research this by visiting these websites:

I would highly recommend reading: Back to a Future for Mankind and also BioGeometry Signatures, both by Dr Ibrahim Karim

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