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Ajna Light

The Ajna Light accelerates the experiences of deep meditation through brainwave entrainment using powerful pulsing lights, stimulating the pineal gland to release DMT, the portal to higher consciousness. Through a series of altered brainwave states, the Light magnifies the inner experience of the subconscious, bringing a deeply relaxed meditative state, and helps you access your own inner healing and wisdom.

Scientists are discovering that light is food for the brain. This technology has the capability to give our brains the full nutrition and exercises it needs so that our brains can develop new skills and expand into optimal health.

Created in 2014 by Guy Harriman – an ordained Buddhist monk, he says ”the Light is like an interface between your higher Self and lower Self, it meets you where you are, it imposes nothing on you, you are free to journey at your own pace.”

The Ajna Light incorporates the latest in software engineering, LED lighting technology and the practical wisdom of an ordained Buddhist monk (the inventor with his medical & IT background) to produce this, the most advanced system known.

Flickering light enters the retina and stimulates the pineal gland, creating an amazing kaleidoscopic experience of vivid colours, psychedelic effects and sacred geometric shapes.

Importantly, as soon as the Ajna Light stops playing the light pattern sequence, the receiver quickly returns to the normal alpha or beta brainwave pulse without any side-effects, yet fully aware of the profoundly deep experiences attained.

Each session brings deeper realisations unique to that time.

The session is guided by your Higher Self & may include:

  • Deep relaxation, peace & well-being
  • Emotional Release
  • Brainwave coherency for whole brain perception
  • Mind’s eye visions, beautiful colours, shapes, moving patterns

Learn more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCLZrFCRu0A

Watch Joe Rogan interview Dennis McKenna about the Ajna Light: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AWLyLl_u-o

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More About Ajna Light

The Ajna Light was developed in Chiang Mai Thailand, and is Certified by the Chiang Mai University. It requires or demands nothing from you, you simply lie down, relax and close your eyes. There are no drugs, it is lightweight, fully portable and easily set up.

Within seconds of the Light starting you drop effortlessly into a state of the deepest relaxation, where meditative insights can naturally unfold as part of the experience. These can also be targeted by adjusting to integrated settings on the Light. Because of the Lights’ capacity to induce deep relaxation, that state of peaceful rest, free of the conscious mind, the Light is increasingly being recognised by therapists as a potent tool for bringing relief to many diagnosed conditions and their physical and emotional symptoms. It is now proving to be significantly helpful for people recovering from severe head trauma, memory loss and severe physical trauma.

At the physiological level, this is felt as increased efficiency and harmony in the activity and interactions of the body’s systems, a marked reduction in internal mental dialogue, greatly reduced levels of stress, increased emotional balance, and enhanced mental clarity, intuitive discernment, and cognitive performance.

The Light can go to the core of known or unknown conditionings or imbalances bringing clarity, opening and releases, as it works through your body’s own intuitive intelligence. It also works with your deepest dreams and aspirations opening pathways to new opportunities in personal growth by accessing higher levels of consciousness. It is proving to be particularly beneficial for dealing with stress, anxiety or depression, memory loss, insomnia, ADD, ADHD, Alzheimers, Autism, Aspergers, and mild Epilepsy, and more. The transformative benefits of the Light are limitless. It is ideal for adults, teenagers and children.

The Light uses specific sequences of flickering LED lights, set at various levels (Hz) to replicate known meditative brainwave patterns to open the Pineal Gland, an organ at the very centre of our brain, said to be the gateway to mental clarity, intuition and higher consciousness. The Light opens you to the deep meditative experiences of the sub-conscious, bringing a more relaxed, clear and consciously aware state.

Importantly as soon as the Light stops flickering, recipients return to their normal brain wave patterns as the Light does not produce any side effects or change brain wave chemistry. The beautiful simplicity of receiving, while not having to do anything, except to be in a space of non-attachment and release, is a very powerful element of each session. Sessions bring fresh experiences, unique to that time, and it is normal for the 'flow-on' benefits from sessions to be assimilated over days/weeks.

The Pineal Light is so beneficial for those whose lives have high levels of anxiety, stress, imbalance or mental activity and find it so difficult to let go, unwind, relax or meditate. With this Light they now have the opportunity, perhaps for the very first time in their lives to experience the ongoing benefits of deep relaxation/meditation in their home, work place or therapy practice for their own use, or to share with others.

Even if you are 'thinking' in a session, the meditative realisations are not lost. Major shifts in consciousness occur when we relax into the process of working with the unconscious mind to release embedded emotions and transform old energies/patterns. The Light is very potent for bringing speed and clarity to this process. In some people their conditioned mind is so strong, they find it difficult to overcome their mental limitations, this is where the Light is such a potent tool for inner transformation and renewal.

Endorsed by a number of Thailand's most acclaimed Buddhist monks, including Suranad Sajjadsophon, who said "This Light takes me in a very short period of time to the same ‘Light’ I experience in my deep meditations".

Suranad said he wholeheartedly supports the Ajna Light as a most potent tool for raising consciousness.

The Ajna Light works through visual brainwave entrainment using very powerful strobe light effect.

The photic-frequency information induced from the Ajna Light stimulates the cerebral cortex through the thalamus affecting brainwave activity. The specific light sequences are designed to guide you into selective meditative states associated with it’s brainwave frequency.

In general, most of our waking life is in the “beta” brainwave state to aid our problem solving left brain logistics, and high alert “fight or flight” statuses as a consequence of the fast paced societies we work in. Some of our favorite actives like pleasure reading, painting, exercising, yoga or intimate moments with loved ones allow us to slip into more meditative like brainwave states.

There are numerous studies in which An EEG (machine that measures brain neural activity) found those who are experienced in mediation, like buddhist monks are more inclined stay in alpha, theta, or experience gamma brainwave states.

Theta States & "Third Eye" Pineal Activity

Scientist, Thomas Campbell PhD who has studied in a lab setting with the Robert Monore Institute on Out Of Body experiences (OBE), reported OBE’s, Remote viewing and healing abilities to be influenced within 4hz Theta brainwaves.

In 2007 Research with fMRI and EEG have found a correlation between Pineal Activation and meditation.The seventeenth century french scientist and philosopher, Rene Descartes, suggested “the pineal serves as the principle seat of the soul.”

The Pineal gland located in the center of the brain, is also known as the “Third Eye” because in certain animals the pineal gland contains a photoreceptive eye with lens and a retina.

DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine) dubbed the “Spirit Molecule” By Rick Strassman M.D is an organic compound found in almost all of nature including plants, and mammals. Humans have the ability to biosynthesize DMT naturally.

DMT is considered the most powerful natural psychedelic compound known to man. This extraordinary experience is described as inter dimensional, a connection to higher planes of consciousness, spirits and beings. Theory suggest it is released from the pineal during times of birth, and death.

The shamans of South America intuitively selected two herbs, the leaves of the Ayahuasca shrub family called Psychotria which contain DMT added to the Caapi vine, a source of monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) which turns off the enzyme preventing DMT conversion.

Shamans use Ayahuasca to connect deeply to nature, to give them the wisdom of our total interconnection with all of life. DMT brings teaching as part of a spiritual journey.

The Ancient knowledge and understanding on the power of light and sound to produce raised states of consciousness have been well documented since the first forms of human culture.

Ancient rituals, and ceremonies use the combination of light and rhythmic sound, as guides into shamanistic meditative states where one may experience the divine.

Traditional spiritual wisdom from Taoism, Ancient Egyptians, and Ancient Greeks held common views that the last stage and highest levels of spiritual achievements are through the process of transmutative light or “light alchemy”, hence the etymology of enlightenment.

In 200. A.D Ptolemy studied the flickering light effect phenomenon by natural sunlight shining through a spinning wheel. He found that colours, and geometric patterns appeared in the eyes of the experiencer along with feelings of euphoria.

French psychologist Pierre Janet, one of the first who reported a “rescripting” procedure, noted that the clinical patients at Salpetriere Hospital in Paris experienced reductions in hysteria and increased relaxation when exposed to flickering lights.

GAMMA 30-100Hz+ inspiration | higher learning | focus | enlightened experience
BETA 14-30Hz+ analysing | concentration | normal alert state
ALPHA 8-12Hz meditation | relaxation | visualization | creativity
THETA 4-8Hz deep meditation | deep relaxation | intuition | healing | transcendence
DELTA 0.5-4Hz healing and repair | deep sleep | rejuvenation

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